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  • :D Hello and welcome on the website of the InfoCompte script :D


    The script shows us where our points are (in mine, technology, defense …) and our progression


    There is an BBcode export (for forums) to show your Pointdetails to alli or friends :)
    to have this : click on the first arrow (in front of Pointdetails) And copy the text which appear ;)

    If you past it on a forum, you will have something like this:


    The second arrow is used to restart your progress

    You can also create a signature like this :


    Script's options

    You can change the options’ script : run through the option’s page of Ogame, and click on “InfoCompte's options” You’ll arrive on this page :

    option infocompte

    For colors, you have to write its hexadecimal code wink


    The script is translate on 14 langages:
    - French (by vulca)
    - English (by vulca)
    - Spanish (by Santiaghet)
    - Portuguese (by MeGaBeSuNTa)
    - Swedish
    - German (by Slayer)
    - Bulgarian (by bontchev)
    - Dutch
    - Croatian
    - Greek (by MasterMind33)
    - Polish
    - Finnish (by Kuitsi)
    - Norwegian
    - Danish
    - Russian (by Stormbird)
    - Rumanian (by conrad57)
    - Italian (by pincopallino & erbussola)
    - Koreen (by DarkViolet)
    - Polish (by ineedspam)
    - Czech (by Nortos)

    But if you want to translate the script into another language, it is easy, go there : Translate the script :D